Advancing solutions for organoid culture

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Increase the pace of your organoid research

Orgonex technologies help you reduce the costs and automatize your research. Go down in volume and run experiments simultaneously! 

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Unlock the full potential of organoids

Translating your research to clinical applications requires high quality and tissue compatibility. Are you ready for the next level? 

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Our Story

Maximizing the potential of organoids could unlock new industrial and clinical applications.
At Orgonex, we are determined to tackle major challenges preventing successful translation - costs, highly laborious culturing process and lack of standardized, automatized practice.

Our Technology

We introduce Orgonex Bioreactor, a robust and cost-effective small-scale bioreactor suitable for expansion and differentiation of organoids. 

Our Vision

Launching robust and affordable technology for fast and efficient organoid culture will allow running multiple experiments and screening at low cost, resulting in increased pace of organoid research and setting the new benchmark of organoid quality.




Scalable inoculation volumes

64 units fit in a single incubator


Enables simultaneous experiments

High reproducibility


Compatible with lab infrastructure

Easy navigation via LCD screen



HIgh quality

11-fold expansion achievable in 2 weeks

4 to 18-fold improved differentiation

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